Five working hives


Top: Some of our newly acquired colonies are a little more aggressive than others. The towel trick continues to work well, no smoke needed today.
Bottom left: Apple blossom
Bottom right: Our five hives. The middle one was expanded with one full height box today.

22 May 2016

We returned from a short break in Italy yesterday and were keen to inspect our hives.

All hives showed the presence of a queen, for which we were VERY grateful. Our original C-hive queen is still winning prizes for the most amazing amount of brood – though her current offspring is a little feistier than last year’s placid bees. We didn’t spot any queens, marked or unmarked today. We might take a little more time when the weather is warmer.

We put varroa trays in the A- and B-hives and put varroa treatment (Apiguard) in the C-hive.

We expanded the B-hive with an extra full height box. The other two colonies bought from Cecilia (the D- and E-hives) are slower to expand but that’s perhaps all for the best as having five rapidly expanding colonies might be a bit much, come June.


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