First honey extraction of 2016


Half height frames with uncapped honey going into the extractor

24 June 2016

Most of Sweden is dancing around a maypole today for the midsummer celebrations, but we decided to use our time to extract some honey. I put a couple of bee escapes on last night so that it would be a little easier to take the honey frames out. For some reason, the feisty E-hive had not read the manual on how the escape works … the boxes still had plenty of bees in them. And the one thing bees don’t like is to be brushed down into the hive when you just want the frame, not the bees. We took a total of 5 full height  and 7 half height frames and ended up with an deliceous 18.5 kg of honey. I have kept some apart to get it a pollen analysis because I am very curious to see where they get their nectar from. I think the bulk of it will be from rape seed. More honey to be extracted in a couple of weeks’ time!

I also checked the varroa mite drop: only one of the hives (B) had 2 mites in the tray (measured over 3 days). That is a huge diffence with last year! The A-, C and D-hives had none at all. The E-hive is being measured over the next couple of days.

Hopefully there will be four NewBees turning up on Sunday and they can take part in an inspection. The three split hives at the back of the house are showing plenty of activity. Here’s hoping for some queen action in there soon.


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