And then there were 11 …

Top left: five colonies in the garden, all with honey supers
Top right: three splits at the back of the house; the one in the front has now been sold
Bottom left: one split on the lower balcony. We need to cut the plexiglass to the correct size, so that we can use the lid instead of the make-shift cover
Bottom right: two 3 frame nucs on the upper balcony

30 June 2016

I was away for a few days so Thomas had to do all the work himself, which with five large colonies in the front garden and various splits and nucs dotted around the back of the house and on the balconies is quite a task!

Thomas spread the work over several days, as he had to create a second split from the A-hive which is absolutely brimming with bees (I noticed a whole bunch of them hanging from the bottom frame when I was doing the varroa check last week) and is still making lots of queen cells. This colony has now produced two splits and two nucs. But if it continues to grow at this rate we need to find the queen and take her away in another split or nuc, as this is the closest we’ve come to a hive that will swarm.

All other colonies in the front garden are continuing to thrive; honey boxes were added to the D- and E-hives. Thomas was stung twice by bees from the E-hive, unprovoked, on his arms. This is the only hive that needs to be smoked before we can work with it, no two ways about it. They really are unpleasantly aggressive.

We now have five hives in the front garden, three splits at the back of the house, one split on the lower balcony and two nucs on the top balcony. Mmm, I hope we can sell some of these sooner rather than later. Thomas reported that he spotted a queen in the first split we made on 12 June but she didn’t look big enough yet, so probably had not been mated yet. Hope she goes out partying with some good natured nice drones!


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