Queens released and the return of a NewBee


Orabi returned after 4 weeks, to help with the inspection today.

17 July 2016

Now that we have so many hives, we’ve been spreading the inspection out over Saturday and Sunday. We keep the calmest hives to check with the NewBees. Yesterday, we checked the 6 frame nuc on the top balcony. There was new brood, we know there is a queen in there but could we find her? No! Unbelievable, just 6 frames to check. There were also 3 queen cells. Mmm. We removed the frame with the queen cells into a 3 frame nuc for good measure. We are really careful to prevent swarms, even a mini one from a nuc.

The two new queens that we inserted on Friday afternoon had both been released. One is in the A-hive in the front garden, the other in a split we created a couple of weeks ago (now called the F-hive).

The other hives are all developing in their own way (we added a fourth half height box to the E-hive yesterday). Some of the colonies are gathering honey at top speed and others seem less bothered. We’re planning to harvest for the second time next week.

Our original NewBee (Orabi) came today with his wife and two daughters. They spotted the ripening fruit in the front garden and picked lots of sweet cherries.

It continues to fascinate how calm most of our bees are. We were working quite slowly with one of the hives today when Orabi did most of the inspection and still they were just continuing their comb building, cell cleaning, larvae feeding, guarding, pollen and honey gathering and storing work!



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