NewBees visit inspite of soaring temperatures …

Top left: Orabi’s wife Rana took photos and picked lots of cherries.
Top right: Shafiq, Thomas and Orabi.
Bottom left: Shafiq, Orabi and Thomas taking a look at the B-hive.
Bottom centre: In addition to hosting about 400 000 honey bees, our garden is full of bumble bees right now.
Bottom right: We originally planted these perennials (Veronicastrum virginicum) to attract butterflies – now they have to compete with the bees for the pollen and nectar.

25 July 2016

Many refugees are skilled beekeepers – it may be the key to a job

On a very hot Sunday afternoon, NewBee Orabi, his son Shafiq and Thomas braved the 30°C plus to don a beesuit – while I was slaving over a hot stove cooking lunch for us all …

We kept the inspection short as we had disturbed all the hives on the previous day when we took some honey out. Instead, we took our time having a leisurely lunch and getting to know Orabi and his family better.


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