The Return of The Wax Cappings …


Top left: A frame showing honey still capped on the left, cappings off on the right.
Top right: We collected the cappings (ending up with two large bags full).
Bottom left: We added a full tray this morning to one of the hives.
Bottom right: This was the test sample – cleaned up in no time!

26 July 2016

When I googled if there was an ideal temperature for honey harvesting (clearly, 30°C was a bit too hot, not just for us humans in beesuits, but a couple of frames collapsed in the extractor, they seemed to be too soft), I stumbled across this very useful page (answer: yes, it was too hot):

Very useful blog on honey harvesting

and when I scrolled down I noticed this beekeeper gives the wax cappings back to the bees in a feeder tray (normally used at the end of the season to give the bees extra food so they can survive the long Swedish winter).

After uncapping the honey we usually keep the wax cappings and give them to our bee supplies company to get melted down but there’s quite a but of honey stuck to the wax. So we tried this on a small sample: and the bees were all over it. They cleaned the cappings in no time. Today, we added another feeder tray with lots of cappings, some with a lot of honey on them from the collapsed frames. This is a really brilliant idea!



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