NewBees, bumble bees and butterflies

Top left: Some of the early apples and plums from the garden.
Top right: NewBees Orabi and Rana plur their daughters.
Bottom left: Clinging on for dear life.
Bottom centre: Not much nectar or pollen left on this plant, but still enough for two bumblebees.
Bottom right: During one of our inspections, this georgous butterfly landed on Thomas’s hat.

10 August 2016

Our apple and plum trees are beginning to bear ripe fruit – and there is more than ever this year. I invited NewBees Orabi and Rana to come and help me make some jam and applesauce. They made some great drawings too!

The amount of bumble bees and butterflies continues to astound us this year. The borders have been buzzing with life – sometimes we found bumble bees, honey bees and butterflies competing for the same source of nectar (but of course they seldom sit still for long enough to be photographed). One beautiful butterfly did stay on Thomas’s hat for long enough for me to take the camera out.

Many refugees are skilled beekeepers – it may be the key to a job


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