Oxalic acid – a new way

Top left: The vapouriser, primed with liquid oxalic acid in the transparent chamber
Top right: Testing the vapour after lighting the gas cannister
Bottom left: Aiming the vapouriser into the entrance of the hive
Bottom right: Oxalic acid vapour showing at entrance of hive

3 November 2016

Last year, we gave our colonies a last varroa treatment with oxalic acid using a method that necessitated opening the hives and dripping the treatment onto the frames:

A little oxalic acid never hurt anyone …

Opening up the hives is never a great idea in Sweden in October, but last year we had no choice as we had a lot of varroa mites and only knew of the dripping method.

This year, our local beekeeping association had invested in some vapourising equipment, which meant we could apply the oxalic acid using the entrance to the hive, rather than opening it up.

The equipment consists of a gas cannister, a plastic container with the (liquid) oxalic acid and a vapouriser. The gas is lit using a match and then the liquid is pumped into the vapouriser and applied in three puffs. We treated six hives and then passed on the equipment to the next beekeeper in our area. Let’s hope it does the trick of keeping the mites under control during the winter months.


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