There’s honey and honey

18 November 2016

I read a pretty shocking blog about the differences between American pasteurised honey and the real thing. It’s incredible how much effort is spent to remove all the good things from honey. The only thing raw and pasteurised honey have in common is that both will help you cough less. The chart is based on the one from who published the original article – but the layout on the weblink below is much more legible though you will need a good 15 minutes to read the whole article!

Long read article on pasteurised and raw honey

It’s hard to believe that all traces of pollen are removed but that high fructose corn syrup is added. Isn’t honey sweet enough all by itself? And what if you are allergic to corn, would you expect traces of it to be in honey of all things?

I’m not sure the honey on the supermarket shelves here in Sweden is tampered with to the same degree but I now understand why people come back to buy more honey once they have tasted ours. It is far far superior.



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