Clearing out the nuc

Left: the nuc contains six frames. The colony has just about survived the winter (we spotted the queen)
Top right: A lot of liquid gathered in the small area to the left of the frames
Bottom right: Dead bees on the bottom – one disadvantage of the nuc is that you can’t remove dead bees during the winter, as we do with our other hives.

21 March 2017

Last weekend we moved a colony from a mucky looking nuc to a normal box with LN frames. We ‘borrowed’ some honey from the hives in the front garden, and also gave it some extra sugar water. Time will tell if this colony survives, there were very few bees left and some of the frames were mouldy. Fingers crossed! I don’t think nuc boxes are ideal for overwintering.

I also did a varroa check:

A-hive = 13 (we will treat this with Apiguard as soon as the weather is above 15°C)
B-hive = 5
C-hive = 0
D-hive = 3
E-hive = 3


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